False Broomweed… a new flora species

False Broomweed... a new flora species

This is a new species I have never encountered on the Llano Estacado – Haploesthes Greggii, or more commonly know as False Broomweed. This native evergreen is a subshrub with dark green foliage and is aromatic. It is unpalatable to wildlife and livestock. It is found on clay-loam soils that have been mechanically or chemically disturbed.


Centaurea pollination…

Centaurea pollination...

Basket Flower (Centaurea americana) pollinates in an unusual way. It’s stamens are sensitive to the touch, so when roving insects make contact with them, as seen in this photo, they contract instantly, pushing pollen out over the insect to be carried to the next blossom.